Gravel Sales


Cracked Pebble

12mm Cracked Pebble is used in garden beds, around homes and along fences as a decorative stone. As it does not degrade over time cracked pebble can be a good alternative to mulch, allowing great water flow while also providing the soil with some protection from the sun. Weed matting can be placed underneath to stop the aggregate from mixing with the existing sand and to help control weeds. Usually installed around 100mm Depth. It can also be installed as a footpath or driveway, although due to the product having no dust/fines it remains loose on the surface.

Cubic Metre $107

Scoop $64

Blue metal.png

Granite / Cracker Dust

Also known as cracker dust, blue metal dust or crusher dust. This is a fine crushing of blue metal. It is commonly used as a base for artificial lawns, in paving screeds and can also be used in pathways and driveways.

Cubic Metre $62

Scoop $37

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Ferricrete Gravel is a landscaping and road-building product. Often used for residential driveways on larger rural and semi-rural properties as well as in the construction of footpaths, nature trails and small hard stands. Ferricrete is a versatile, easy to use and hard-wearing product, with the clay component making compaction easy. It is commonly chosen by many customers for its rich, earthy appearance.

Cubic Metre $72

Scoop $43

Cracked Pebble.png

Blue Metal

14mm Aggregate, used in drainage, concrete and paths.

Cubic Metre $104

Scoop $63

Granite dust.png