Jarrah Firewood


We have two types of firewood available. Mixed urban and Jarrah.

Our "dry split urban wood" (firewood) recycled from our tree lopping operations.

This timber is excellent - it burns hotter and longer than Jarrah possibly leaving only a little more ash.

There is normally some softer woods scattered throughout the pile that is excellent for splitting into kindling, also there will be fragments scattered through the delivery that is already kindling. 

Jarrah firewood is brought in for the more traditional fire place owner. This product is clean dry and ready to burn.

The timber is cut, split and seasoned at our facilities for at least one season. 

Many people believe that Jarrah is the best and only wood to burn. However mixed urban is an excellent alternative. So for something different why not give it a try?

Normally firewood is delivered by us in tonne (Approx 2.2m3) amounts, minimum delivery is 1 tonne and bulk deliveries can be organised. Smaller loads can be picked up from our depot with prior arrangement. 

We now have 15 KG Firewood bags available.

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