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  • Recycled

  • Cost Effective

  • Natural Heat

  • Renewable

  • Sustainable energy

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Office: 9250 6599 or 94548640

Mob: 0417 974 827


Depot: Lot 10 Talbot Road, Hazelmere

Postal Address: 8 Millson Road, Maida Vale

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Fire wood is the best natural source of heating there is. Sourced from renewable resources this recycled product not only is a cost effective way of heating your family, but also friendly to our environment being that using firewood for domestic heating produces the lowest green house gas emissions.

The timber is cut, split and seasoned at our facility for at least one season some up to two seasons. Many people believe that Jarrah is the best and only wood to burn. However our Urban Firewood product is an excellent alternative, that we highly recommend. Urban Wood burns longer and hotter than Jarrah, but does tend to create a little more ash.​

We also have Jarrah Firewood available. This is brought in for those customers who prefer the more traditional firewood option. This is dry split and clean ready to place straight into your fire place or pizza oven. We offer the Jarrah Firewood in 2 different sizes. The normal Jarrah firewood will have some larger pieces which may need resplitting. Half and half orders are available.


We also offer Jarrah Mill ends, these are smaller in size again and also offer that fantastic clean burning and very little ash result. This is also our cheapest firewood product.


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