For your information:

1 scoop = 1/2 Cubic Metre (1/4 Tonne)

2 Scoop = 1 Cubic Metre (1/2 Tonne ~ Trailer Load)

3 Scoop = 1 1/2 Cubic Metres (3/4 Tonne)

4 Scoop = 2 Cubic Metres (1 Tonne)

*All Measurements are approximate. Loads may vary slightly, due to moisture content, varying size of wood pieces, species of wood, timber densities and weather. 

We endeavour to ensure each load is as accurate as possible.

Available for sale is our "dry split urban wood" (firewood) recycled from our tree lopping operations.

This timber is excellent - it burns hotter and longer than Jarrah possibly leaving only a little more ash.

There is normally some softer woods scattered throughout the pile that is excellent for splitting into kindling, also there will be fragments scattered through the delivery that is already kindling. 

We also have dry split Jarrah firewood. This is the more common type of firewood that is available.​

Now Available in 15KG Bags.

Bulk discounts apply to Urban Firewood

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