(Fresh Ground) Enviro -Special

Enviro mulch Perth

We are often asked what the difference is between our different mulches. So here it is. All of our mulches are made from trees and are a by product of our tree lopping operations, but we have a special product that I’d like to tell you about.

At Tree Aesthetics we are all about recycling and have opened our gates to other tree pruning companies to drop their mulches to us too. Sometimes we are not able to mulch everything on site and bring the large logs back to our depot, the same goes for our colleges. Anything that cant be processed into firewood is sheared up by a 30 Tonne excavator and left till we are ready to process this into mulch. This mulch is made up of composted palm and tree mulches, Jarrah shavings and timber logs of various species, this means if the mulch from our and our colleges tree work doesn’t meet the grade for the arbour products we stock pile ready to be reprocessed with the logs.

This is where the fun begins.

We hire in a horizontal grinder to reprocess the huge pile to create what we call Enviro Mulch. This is a beautiful rich and natural brown coloured mulch which has been aged for around 6 months is now ready for your garden.

Be water wise this summer and order your mulch delivery now!

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