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Mulch is a great soil builder which breaks down into a peaty product after a couple of years encouraging earth worms which in turn brings nitrogen into the soil promoting plant growth, by feeding the mycrozial zone around 18 inches below soil level. 


Our Chipped tree prunings are stockpiled at our depot in Hazelmere, recycled, stored, turned and sold as an organic aged mulch product. We also have available our green product, freshly cut and sold directly from the truck.

Mulch is a fantastic product to use as soft fall in play grounds. Especially in nature play spaces in schools and community playground areas.

Green Mulch

  Green Mulch  

Aged Mulch

   Aged Arbor  

Enviro Arbor Fine
Blended Arbor

  Blended Arbor  

   Enviro Mulch   

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Office: 9250 6599 or 9454 8640

Mob: 0417 974 827


Depot: Lot 10 Talbot Road, Hazelmere

Postal Address: 8 Millson Road, Maida Vale

Call Now 9250 6599

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