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Tree Surgery2
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Tree Surgery
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Mark Youngen

- Professional - Efficient - Reliable - Tidy - Fully Insured -

Autumn Feature Product

Marri Woodchip

$115 Per M3

(*for purchases over 2m3)

Made up of Marri logs and processed exclusively through a wood chipper. This product is a brought in for our customers wanting a more uniform chip rather than a mulch. A beautiful light red with a slight variance in the colour this product will enhance the look of your garden. This mulch is a heavier product meaning it won’t blow around in a windier environment.  This product contains no leaf matter, just pure wood.

The skilled staff at Tree Aesthetics, led by respected Perth tree surgeon Mark Jurak, are dedicated to preserving the health and beauty of trees, wherever they are. So when trees become a problem, the team at Tree Aethetics is well equipped to provide practical but caring advice and service - quality workmanship that continues to pay dividends for years to come. 


With vast experience in all areas of tree maintenance, Tree Aesthetics serves the West Australian domestic market, as well as utility companies, industrial and government projects. Strict attention to quality control, high work practice standards, and an impressive safety management record, has resulted in Tree Aesthetics' reputation as one of Australia's leading tree maintenance organisations. ​

Tree Aesthetics specialises in all aspects of tree pruining, tree removal, tree reductions and tree shaping. 

For more information, including further details on our philosophy, safety procedures and insurance please browse our website. An online request form is available on our Contact Us Page, so drop us a line and let us provide you with a competitive quote for your next tree project.


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