Tree maintenance in Bassendean, Western Australia

Proper tree care requires skill, expertise, and the right tools. At Tree Aesthetics, we have all three. As a tree service Bassendean locals can trust, we specialise in all kinds of tree surgery. For over thirty years, we’ve served the Town of Bassendean, Western Australia, offering a range of premier tree services including tree removal, tree lopping, and stump grinding.

Our crew is fully licensed and insured, and we make sure to comply with local regulations when it comes to tree removal. We’re dedicated to giving customers quality services at competitive rates. When you hire us for a job, we do our best to get it done on time and without delays. To request a quote, contact us today.

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Bassendean Tree Surgeons

With a team of qualified arborists, we’re equipped to take on all types of residential and commercial projects. From scheduled tree lopping to emergency tree removal, we’re prepared for anything. To get the job done on time, we use the specialised equipment for tasks like stump removal and wood chipping. Besides being efficient, we prioritise safety and regulatory compliance while we’re on the job. Whether it’s a minor tree care job or a large scale land clearing project, we secure relevant permits and equip our team with appropriate safety gear.

All our Bassendean tree services require an on-site assessment before starting the project. Here, a specialist tree surgeon will assess the health of your trees and check for diseases. In the case of tree removal, we also evaluate the location and acessibility of the tree, since such factors can impact the type of equipment needed for a service.

Thanks to three decades of industry experience, we have in-depth expertise on diagnosing health concerns among different tree species. Not only that, but we can recommend appropriate solutions, such as tree lopping, trimming, or removal.

After providing premier tree services, we make sure to leave your property all tidied up! We’ll clear up any debris and grind leftover wood from tree removal into wood chips.

In addition to the above mentioned Bassendean tree services, we also offer professional arborist consulting. This includes expert advice on what type of tree service your garden needs. Similarly, if you need assistance in selecting and maintaining specific species of trees, we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is tree stump removal necessary?

Leaving stumps in the ground after tree removal can lead to a number of problems. The most obvious is that it makes your yard look bad and poses a trip hazard. Another concern is that a dead tree stump cound become infested with pests, which could lead to a potential termite infestation. To make matters worse, a stump’s roots could interfere with the growth of your healthy trees. It’s why we offer stump grinding as part of the tree removal process.

Do you offer tree pruning as part of your Bassendean tree services?

Yes, we offer tree pruning services. It’s recommended to prune your trees to remove any dead or diseased branches that could affect the rest of the tree. Our qualified arborists are experienced in pruning different species of trees to stimulate growth and increase resilience against storm damage.

Regular tree trimming also counters overgrowth, ensuring that Bassendean trees retain a consistent shape and don’t have overgrown branches. All tree species have different pruning schedules depending on their age, so give us a call to know more.

Do you offer emergency fallen tree removal services?

Yes, we provide emergency Bassendean tree services, including tree removal, in the Perth Hills area. If one of the trees on your property has fallen or experienced extensive storm damage and is at risk of falling, don’t wait to call a professional. To avoid any damage to your house or garden, we recommend calling our team right away.

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