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In search of a tree service Belmont residents can trust? We’re Tree Aesthetics, a family-owned business specialising in tree surgery. For over thirty years, we’ve served the City of Belmont, Swan, Bayswater, and nearby areas in Perth Hills. Our company offers a range of comprehensive tree services such as tree removal, tree lopping, stump grinding, land clearing, and more.

We have a team of licensed and fully insured tree loppers and arborists who can handle jobs of all scales and sizes. Our crew is committed to getting the job done on time without compromising on safety. And with competitive rates like ours, property owners can take care of their trees while sticking to a budget.

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When you need quality tree care solutions to maintain your garden, it’s important to hire experienced professionals for the job. At Tree Aesthetics, we’ve been taking care of trees on residential and commercial properties for years. Our knowledge of industry best practices and techniques is what allows us to do the job safely and effectively.

All our team members carry public liability insurance and are fully trained in the removal of dead trees and branches. This includes the use of specialised machinery and equipment for wood chipping, stump grinding, and cutting down trees.

We’re well-versed in local safety codes and regulations involving tree maintenance and landscaping. That’s why we make sure to follow appropriate safety measures and comply with permit requirements before starting the job.

Whether you need hedge trimming services or complex tree removal, we promise efficient project management. From the initial assessment and free quote to acquiring relevant permits and post-job assessment, we do it all.

Not to mention, we make sure to tidy up the place by removing debris and grinding up any green waste into mulch for your trees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is tree stump removal important after cutting trees?

We recommend stump grinding or removal after tree removal for various reasons. The most obvious is that they look bad and can affect the appearance of your property. Another reason is that tree stumps can grw back. Even if they don’t, they pose a trip hazard and offer a breeding ground for pests such as termites.

Also, roots can continue to grow and risk damaging your property’s foundation. That’s why we provide professional stump grinding or stump removal as part of our tree removal services.

When are tree removal services needed?

We recommend tree removal to customers when they need additional space or if the tree is at risk at falling. Similarly, if it’s severely damaged and can’t be saved by tree surgery, removal is the only viable option.

Tree removal is also required if the tree in question is causing damage to the property due to overgrown branches or roots that encroach on neighbouring or public property. In some cases, tree lopping is used instead of complete tree removal. For instance, when branches get tangled up in power lines.

Do your Belmont tree services include tree pruning?

Yes, our tree services include tree pruning to improve the health and appearance of your trees. We recommend tree pruning to remove any dead or diseased branches that could end up infecting other trees.

However, if a tree suffers from severe overgrowth, we may recommend tree lopping to to prevent branches from falling and damaging property. Our experienced arborists also offer consulting services to reccomend appropriate professional services and assist clients by providing tree care techniques.

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