Our Chipped tree prunings are stockpiled at our depot in Hazelmere, recycled, stored, turned and sold as an organic aged mulch product. We also have available our green product, freshly cut and sold directly from the truck.

This is a very cheap product in comparison to your garden centre products and is free from any additives is weed free and is mostly pest and disease free, as stock piles generate temperatures up to 60 degrees.

It is a great soil builder which breaks down into a peaty product after a couple of years encouraging earth worms which in turn brings nitrogen into the soil promoting plant growth, by feeding the mycorrhizal zone around 18 inches below soil level. 

The coarser product you initially put onto your garden is a fantastic insulator, retaining moisture and giving a protective layer from our harsh dry hot climate, effectively shading the root zone.

Products are normally delivered in 5m3 increments large quantities can be delivered or pick ups can be arranged from the depot upon prior arrangement.

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