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Jarrah Wood Chip
Made up of Jarrah logs and processed exclusively through a woodchipper. Suitable if wanting a more uniform chip rather than a mulch. A beautiful rich coloured to enhance the look of your garden. This mulch is a heavier product meaning it won’t blow around in a windier environment. Contains no leaf matter, just pure wood.
Mushroom Compost
Mushroom Compost is a medium maturity, excellent all-round soil improver and protective mulch for planting and feeding trees and shrubs as well as growing vegetables, exotic plants and flowerbeds. Holding up to 2.5 times its own weight in water.
Pine Bark Mulch
Crushed and screened pine bark. This mulch is a red colour, suitable for the home garden, commercial buildings and road verges. This mulch is used almost in every situation.
Woodland Red
Chipped Pine that has been coloured with vibrant red paint. Colourants used are highly resistant to UV fading from exposure to the sun and do not wash off in the elements. The wood itself deteriorates away before the colour stops adhering to the fibre.
Green Arbor
Freshly produced green mulch from tree lopping operations, produced using a 21” Bandit Drum Chipper. A great insulator for garden beds and helps to suppress weeds. Once broken down the mulch will help condition the soil and act as a plant food.
Aged Arbor
Produced from tree lopping operations, stored & pasteurised, for several months. Mixed with aged fines, watered, turned / composed. It is more decomposed and darker in colour, encouraging earthworms, nourishing the mycorrhizal area when fully broken down in the garden. Excellent insulator and feeder, with a very natural appearance, holds well in windy conditions.
Processed through a tub grinder/horizontal grinder with a 6-inch Screen. It has been aged for around 12-18 months. Its rich brown colour provides a great look to the yard, while improving soil quality. This is our most readily available and also our best value for quality product.
Blended Aged Arbor
This is a mixture of our Aged Arbor (described above) and our Premium Enviro (described Below). This premium mulch is great for both new and existing garden beds to improve the soil quality, body and condition. It is a great insulator, plant food and is dark in colour helping attract earthworms.
Premium Enviro
Processed through a tub grinder/ horizontal grinder Rich brown/ black colour made up of composted palm and tree mulches, Jarrah shavings and timber logs . This mulch will not only look great but will also help to improve your soil quality, attracting earthworms and helping to retain moisture. This product will break down quicker for those wanting to improve soil body.
Saw Chip Mulch
A finer chip produced from our ¾ Harvester chain in our production of firewood. A very clean, neat and uniform chip. This mulch is great for building body in soils, retaining moisture, whilst improving drainage in heavy soils. Budget priced / Value.
Soil Builder
A blend of Aged Arbor and Premium Enviro. This double ground blend is a natural plant food encouraging earth worms which introduce nitrogen enhancing vegetative growth and a great insulator of plant root zones as well as the perfect moisture retainer. It has great presence of aerobic organisms, is dark in colour. This product has been stored and composted for months. Finer than typical tree lopping mulches as it has been screened and blended, watered, turned and composted. Soil Builder will enhance poor soils stimulating faster stronger plant growth helping guard against pests/disease and abnormal weather.
Marri Wood Chip
Made up of Marri logs and processed exclusively through a woodchipper. Brought in for our customers wanting a more uniform chip rather than a mulch. A beautiful honey blonde with a slight variance in the colour this product will enhance the look of your garden. This heavier product won’t blow around in a windier environment. Contains no leaf matter.
Karri Peat
A fibrous black mulch composed of crushed Jarrah and Karri bark and blended with peat. Suitable for all gardens for moisture retaining and weed suppressant purposes.
Jungle Mulch
This is a mixture of urban woods, tree lopping mulch, sawdust and palm. This mulch is slightly heavier and courser although still contains smaller fines which will break down as plant food. This mulch is one of our heavier products it’s rich, vibrant, almost black colour is a great contrast in any garden. This mulch holds well in windy conditions.
Currently out of stock
Currently out of stock

Our Chipped tree prunings are stockpiled at our depot in Hazelmere, recycled, stored, turned and sold as an organic aged mulch product. We also have available our green product, freshly cut and sold directly from the truck.

This is a very cheap product in comparison to your garden centre products and is free from any additives is weed free and is mostly pest and disease free, as stock piles generate temperatures up to 60 degrees.

It is a great soil builder which breaks down into a peaty product after a couple of years encouraging earth worms which in turn brings nitrogen into the soil promoting plant growth, by feeding the mycorrhizal zone around 18 inches below soil level. 

The coarser product you initially put onto your garden is a fantastic insulator, retaining moisture and giving a protective layer from our harsh dry hot climate, effectively shading the root zone.

Products are normally delivered in 5m3 increments large quantities can be delivered or pick ups can be arranged from the depot upon prior arrangement.

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