"A waterwise garden is a happy garden" 

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1 scoop = 1/2 Cubic Metre 

2 Scoop = 1 Cubic Metre ~ Trailer Load

3 Scoop = 1 1/2 Cubic Metres

4 Scoop = 2 Cubic Metres

*All Measurements are approximate. Loads may vary slightly, due to moisture content, and weather. 

We endeavor to ensure each load is as accurate as possible.

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Mulch is great for retaining moisture in the soil and keeping root zone cool. This is especially important in our hot Australian summers!


We suggest for established gardens spread mulch across the gardens and under plants about 10cm thick.


To calculate how much you need, measure the area you wish to cover and times this by 0.1


10m X 10m= 100m2

100m2 X 0.1 = 10m3 

You will need 10 cubic metres

How our prices are calculated

Woodland Red

Pine Bark Mulch

Mushroom Compost

Jarrah Woodchip

Marri Woodchip

Blended Aged 

Premium Enviro

Enviro Arbor

Saw Chip Mulch

Aged Arbor 

Green Arbor  

           + Delivery 

eg, $45 x 10m3 + Lesmurdie

Total $475.00 inc GST

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Per M3 inc GST












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