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Monthly Specials

Each month we have fantastic mulch and garden centre specials. Make sure you regularly visit this page to check them out!!

Lawn Mix Special

Applying a top dressing to your lawn is appropriate when it needs a boost of nutrients, is uneven or contains holes. You should mow your lawn the day prior to applying the top dressing and only undertake top dressing to repair holes or uneven lawn just prior to the growing season, usually the beginning of Spring; not when the lawn is in its dormant phase or you run the risk of damaging or even killing the lawn entirely. Top dressing for nutrients can be applied at any time and a good quality lawn mix is recommended. Spread your top dressing at a thickness of 12mm.

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Fresh Ground Enviro Special

Applying a layer of mulch is one of the best things you can do for your plants. In addition to adding colour and texture to a landscape, retaining moisture, suppressing weeds and acting as an insulator, organic mulches have many natural benefits.

There is no exact time to apply mulch, it can be done anytime but is most effective when applied at the end of winter, or the beginning of spring while the ground is still reasonably moist and cool.  Before you apply mulch, it is recommended to firstly remove any weeds, trim any nearby trees or shrubs and rake your garden bed to remove any dead leaves and trimmings, ensuring your garden beds are clean. Cultivate any compacted soil or mulch to allow moisture and air to pass through the soil more easily.

Using your hands or a rake, apply new mulch over the existing cultivated mulch or soil. It is recommended to spread your mulch at a thickness of around 10cm in garden beds with sparse or no mulch. When mulching around trees and woody, stemmed plants, keep the mulch away from the base.

When you are finished mulching, water to moisturize the mulch and help it settle into place.

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