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Safety Management

“Tree Aesthetics is a leading company in the Tree Services Industry in WA, which is also reflected in our safety record with very few, very minor workers’ compensation claims. Great emphasis is placed on consistently training staff to a high standard which not only allows for greater productivity but more importantly is safer and cost effective.” – Mark Jurak, Proprietor.

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All staff are thoroughly briefed in the safe use of all equipment, machinery and vehicles. This procedure is repeated at regular intervals. We provide all protective equipment and clothing and maintains its mandatory use, as required by Worksafe.

An occupational health and safety manual is available for all staff. Every vehicle is equipped with a comprehensive first aid kit and fire extinguishers.

Tree climbing rescues are practised as demonstrated in tree surgery courses.

Our staff receive ongoing in-house training, particularly in area of the safe use of wood chippers and are promoted in line with their tasks in complete safety.

All vehicles, machinery, ropes and safety equipment are well maintained and safety checked and are never operated in unworthy conditions. Staff will not commence work on site unless all equipment has been signed off.

Accidents are recorded and reported to our Administration as required under the Workers’ Compensation Act.

In conclusion Tree Lopping, Tree Removals and Tree Prunings should always be completed by a reputable company that insists on an established safety management program.

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