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Tree Surgery

“Tree Surgery is the encompassing skill title for an Arborist who, are trained professionals educated in the correct pruning, treatment and repair of large woody perennials.”

At Tree Aesthetics we offer a range of Tree services to accomodate any situation and the needs of our clients from removing that pesky Gum tree dropping honkey nuts on your car to saving that beautiful Claret Ash from pests and diseases! The following is the list of services we offer;

  • Aesthetics and Corrective Pruning
    Enhancing the look of your trees and corrective pruning of branches to encourage your trees growth to it's natural form.

  • Tree Repairs 
    Removal of rotten timber and damaged points of union and cavities.

  • Crown Thinning 
    The thinning of the tree canopy mass to create ventilation minimising limb failure and the outbreak of pests and diseases.

  • Tree Reduction
    The precise and discreet reduction to the height of a tree to accommodate the needs of a client and requirements of their environmental surroundings impact.

  • Safe Removal of Hazardous Trees
    Systematic breakdown of a dead or dangerous tree in a controlled and careful manner.

  • Consulting Services
    The analysis of a trees condition, form and location to assess a suitable course of action or provide a professional opinion and written assessments as required.

  • Cavity Treatments
    The cleaning, treating and sealing of a tree cavity to prevent the onset of decaying timber

If you would like to enquire or need any further clarifcation on our services, please feel free to Contact Us

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