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What we Believe

Contractors untrained in the physiology of trees can severely damage them causing infections and infestations to the point of failure. In other words, correct tree care is essential for the maintenance of good health and safety”.

The reputation earned by Tree Aesthetics is not one that can continue without consistency and an open core belief structure, that not only governs our methods in the office to on-site but how we also treat and respect our customers and staff. 

We ensure every job we complete from tree services to answering an enquiry on the phone is an experience reflective of how we do business and an opportunity to improve it.

It starts with great attention to detail, we understand that presentation is very important for residential and business customers alike. Accordingly, on-site our staff will always leave the premises in a clean and tidy state. We are punctual to suit the needs of our customers and to effectively manage our resources as a business. From on-site to our office, we consistently execute a professional attitude through our works, communication and we take pride in wearing appropriate uniforms with our logo.

Tree Aesthetics maintains a modern fleet of vehicles and equipment to adhere to safety regulations and to reinforce our reliability and the efficiency demanded by our standard of work. This minimises possible inconvenience caused to our customers by avoiding mechanical break downs and faults on worn or aged equipment.

In regards to insurance most people assume especially in the industry of trades, is something that’s present to cover incidents involving customer’s and their property, workers and companies who hire them - however, it’s not.

Many tree service companies like Tree Aesthetics carry out works without insurance, this means hypothetically if a tree climber working for a company without relevant insurance were to accidentally injure themselves on-site at a customer’s property, the customer could be liable. For this reason and the goal of maintaining a professional business, Tree Aesthetics is fully insured for the works we carry out.

As apart of our ongoing commitment to our staff, our on-site team undergo constant training on skills associated directly to tree services, offered by various WA training groups which provides our team with the means to refresh and develop their skills. Quality control assessments are also carried out on all staff to ensure Tree Aesthetics maintains a zero tolerance policy towards drugs and alcohol.

Tree Aesthetics operates on a transparent style of management to help keep our people on the same page, supported by daily toolbox meetings held to record and update important information and procedure changes within our company.

These are but a few headlining attributes of how Tree Aesthetics does business and how we take the work we have been doing for the past 25 years, and continue to strive for greater results and exceed expectations.

On conclusion Tree Aesthetics is your go to company for all your Tree Pruning and Tree Removal projects.


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