When and Where Should i Buy Firewood From?

Firewood Perth

When is the best time to buy firewood? Well most people think that they can buy dry split firewood at any time of the year, but in reality this is not always the case. Firewood takes time to “season” or dry out so it is suitable for burning. There is nothing worse than having a tonne of firewood delivered and discovering its green and not suitable for burning. So, “How do you ensure you are going to have dry wood for the season?” I hear you ask? Well, buy the firewood early in summer, or even at the end of winter. It is much much easier and quicker to dry one or two tonnes of firewood than it is to dry 1000 tonnes in a firewood yard.

So where is the best place to buy Firewood from? You should always chose a reputable company who sources their Firewood from harvesting operations in plantations and sustainable managed native forests that are regenerated and regrown, or, as our urban firewood is sourced, waste product from tree lopping operations from our local area. Purchasing firewood from back yard sellers maybe cheaper, but this impact on the environment and habit from the forests this is sourced. This illegal operation also risks the spread of diseases such as die back through protected bush lands.

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